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From Mean Girls To The Meme Monkey: The Best Democratic Presidential Debate Tweets

Between unexpected sparring and plenty of waiting for candidates to finally address reproductive healthcare, there was certainly a lot to keep tabs on. If you missed a few memes over the three-hour debate, don’t worry — we’ve got you covered. This night was just as eventful as the last, and featured an appearance from a…

Democrats Spent Almost 20 Minutes Dunking On Trump During The Debate

The impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump took center stage at the Democratic primary debate on Tuesday (October 15). Unlike previous debates, which started off with questions about health insurance, the 12 (twelve! Yes, really!) potential presidential candidates shared their thoughts on the validity of possibly impeaching President Trump, and few held back.

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P G & E Under Fire

California’s utility regulator is issuing a series of sanctions against Pacific Gas and Electric for what it calls “failures in execution”Continue Reading