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May 21, 2013 -- 12:47pm

Just an ordinary Tuesday...but feeling thankful for friends.  The recent getaway reminded me to make time to get together and to get away with friends.  Thankful to be able to share music on air each day on K-Shasta.  I was asked twice today how long I have been on the radio....the answer...?  I started in 1991..so it's been quite a few years and I love it more each day.  Thankful for the love that is finally coming my way that I feel like I've had before but never on this level.  So Natural, So Real....that's a great feeling....

The Great Outdoors

May 19, 2013 -- 1:02pm

A wonderful weekend with friends. Spent time at the Del Loma RV Park with 2 of my best friends and their kids on a great camping....well...camping in a cabin...trip. Radio listeners from our sister station KRDG won the free camping, outdoor lazer tag experience, ropes course, zip line and a day of white water rafting with Rivers and Redwoods.

We arrived Friday, opened a few beers and of couse built a campfire to BBQ a Tri tip. Kids roasting marshmellos... Nice 1st evening.

Saturday began with getting on the 26 acre of Lazer tag course. Game 1...capture the flag was intense. Game 2 was a "Last Man Standing" free for all....getting dirty, hiding in the brush, sprinting across the field and blasing the others with high tech Lazer guns. An absolue blast!!

Redwoods and Rivers is one of the coolest places I've been in a long time. Right next to Del Loma RV park, fully sustanable living. cool outdoor kitchen, huge garden, sweat lodge. Tree house with rope course and zip lines along with a very challenging climbing element that some are able to conquor...and some make it part way and rely on the guides to lower your tether down to the awaiting ground. I watched a few teenage boys not make it up and although I really thought I could climb it, it made me wonder. In the end my adrenaline and confidence kicked in and I scaled it quite quickly without a problem...what a feeling to make it to the top.

Del Loma RV treated us to breakfast, lunch and an amazing BBQ dinner on Saturday. Along with a good game of horseshoes and a large bon fire...another great day and eveing. The kids played all day and night together and had a great time too!

With only one thing...one person that would have made the trip even better, I certainly can't complain. What a great weekend with great friends and great times in the great outdoors!


Holding pattern...

Apr 11, 2013 -- 9:54am

Well it's certainly been quite some time since I've posted a blog....like taking too long to call a good friend...we're always busy.  Things are the standard always busy at the radio station...I love this job because every day is different.  Wedding season is just beginning so I haven't been overly busy on the weekends....I just feel that way I guess.  Lately it just seems like I'm treading water when I need to swimming at a better pace.  I like to be somewhat organized and for some reason that just isn't happening.  Putting things off....letting laundry pile up before folding it....all that stuff....just kind of in a holding pattern in many ways.....waiting to shift  into gear and get the next chapter started. 

Oh well, things always seem to work themselves out and I will find the inspiration to organize the clutter that surrounds me.  We've all been there.  With all of that little stuff a bit out of whack...the important things seem to be slowly,,,finally..falling into place.  Love, life and music are good....really good.  My solo Album is finally done, the mixing stage is complete, video for the song "Madam Time" shot and edited...just a few legal issues and CD cover design to finish and soon 1,000 CDs of truly my lifes work will be on my doorstep.  Planning for the CD release party has begun and for me, the excitement builds..........


So as for this "Holding Pattern"......I'm  ready to move forward and begin the wonderful moments that are soon ahead.   Very ready. 


Here's to the next chapter beginning soon !  (the one I feel I've waited my whole life for) 

Here's to another great Weekend!!!

Feb 22, 2013 -- 8:31am

Yeah, here's to the weekend....looks like it will be pretty nice weather.  I start mine with a broadcast at the All about women health home and hobbies fair at the Fairgrounds.  After, it's wide open which is nice.  I've been doing a lot of cooking..well mostly baking with my little 5 year old Shayla.  I've taught her to make many things from scratch, including pumpkin pie, apple pie, a chocolate cream cheese roll cake...cookies and well not sure what it's going to be this weekend but we will surely get our aprons on and fling some flour, sugar and whatever else around the kitchen!....it' really is a fun thing to do with her and beyond the great snacks, it's a time to talk, learn and laugh together.  If the weather does hold out we like to picnic too, she just loves it.  Our last was a trip to Whitmore just for a nice drive and something different....so we will most likely head out for something like that.  I realize how precious time is when she is at this magical age...she constantly tells me "I love you Dad"  and what's better than that?

Although it may not turn into a Hallmark Movie moment, some much needed time with a wonderful friend will be a nice addition to the weekend. I can’t wait until she is a more permanent part of my day to day life….it’s been a long wait ….but it’s been said that really good things take time and are worth the wait…… With day to day working, school pick up and drop off, cleaning, cooking, laundry and all that stuff....it's nice to take a break and forget about all of that and I certainly plan on it! 

So once again, here's to the weekend.....I hope you get the chance to do whatever makes you happy....

Again, thanks for listening to 104.3 and we'll get back together next week for the K-Shasta Morning Show!....I look forward to it!!


The Winter Blues

Jan 28, 2013 -- 6:42pm

I've said before that I'm more of a warm weather person...I love the heat...relaxing by the pool, sipping a cool drink.. soaking up the sun. Well, I don't think it's time to start counting the days until the first dip in my pool...it's hot tubing season for now. I can handle that! At times the winter can truly give me a bit of the blues...nothing extreme, I'm a generally happy person. This winter has not taken it's toll like the cold of the past. The joy of time spent with my daughters is certainly keeping me busy and just filled with really good feelings.

I think that the cold weather, grey skies and rainy days can make one feel more alone. If pain, loneliness or longing is within you...it's easy to wear it like a heavy coat. The days are shorter, nights are longer and hey....who doesn't like to curl up in a blanket and watch a Hallmark movie with someone they love....(well for some guys that might be torture..but it sounds pretty good to me!) Sure there is always a longing for more if you don't get as much time to spend time with someone you really care about, but what's that saying?..."Absence makes the heart grow fonder...stronger...Something like that.!! But the fact is, this winter, although it's just beginning WILL NOT give me the winter blues! BAM!....the power of positive thinking always prevails!

You know, that's really it. If you want something to happen and you continually will it into your life...."Believe"......I believe it will come to you. It really will. I've mentioned the Vision Board before...putting words..sayings...pictures of the things you and your heart truly desires..putting them right in front of you and in time...when it's right...they WILL come to you. 3 words and a photo are at the center of mine....and slowly....finally....the want, the desire, the longing that I've had is coming my way. If that doesn't help the winter blues...I don't know what will!

This, and so many things are energizing me lately....Picnics and playing with my little Shayla Girl...teaching her how to cook and bake has been beyond fun. She now has baked Pumpkin pie with crust from scratch, Apple Pie and the latest Chocolate Roll up cake with cream cheese cool whip inside, covered with homemade chocolate frosting!! Valentines cookies for the kids in her class will be next! My personal thanks to my friend and bandmate Kim and her Mom for making Shayla her first apron (Princess Cinderella Apron!)

Work is always good. It's so good to be back from vacation and the Trip to Memphis for the St. Jude Hospital Radiothon. I'm so thankful to share my mornings with all that listen and appreciate that YOU take the time to check in with my blog from time to time.

Until next time.....I hope your days are filled with what truly makes you happy

Memphis and moving forward

Jan 21, 2013 -- 10:36pm

Finally back from a longer than expected trip to Memphis to visit the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Fog in Houston and so many delayed flights turned the airport into literal chaos...after 2 days of traveling home...yes...it's good to be here.

The trip to the hospital for seminars for our upcoming K-Shasta Cares St. Jude radiothon was, as always, inspirational, sad and happy. A feeling of Hope does come over you when it's realized the amazing strides against childhood cancer that are being made. It's still tough to look into the eyes of a parent who has a child there fighting for their life. I've said before how much I cherish moments with friends family and my kids...this trip is a reminder of just how lucky we are....if you have healthy children give thanks for them...and yes..please give to those that aren't.

Many stories and moments to share in the days ahead and during our 2 day radiothon that is on the way soon.

I thought so much about my co workers at K-Shasta and Redding Radio, my friends, family and daughters Sydney and little Shayla so much during the trip...I missed home more than ever this time. I travel well alone and can adapt to most all situations but as the thought of falling for someone who has become a wonderful, thoughtful and caring friend fills my mind and heart daily, being away was certainly a much different experience.

So, again, it's good to be home and back on the air on the morning show...something I also cherish every moment of.

So many thanks to give out....Chellie for filling in for me, the station management for supporting St. Jude, our new St. Jude rep. Kailey, Randy Owen from the band Alabama for his friendship to radio and always inspiring words...the parents of the kids of St. Jude for sharing their stories and beautiful children with us and Laura from West Texas for insisting that I not eat alone and sharing stories from Texas to inspire me to write my latest country song "West Texas Pretty".....

More to come.....


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