The Plan

Oct 08, 2012 -- 9:31am

As Fall finally begins to settle in, I look forward to the changing of the seasons.  I really am a summertime guy.  I love the hot weather and all it brings.  In the past I have become a bit down with the cooler weather keeping me indoors.  We all have our ups and downs in this roller coaster ride of life....after all, how can you enjoy the peaks if you don't travel through the valley for a while?....but I think this is going to be a nice fall and winter.......I'm gonna make sure of it!

Busy times lately with early mornings at the radio station,the morning show really is a blast!  Thanks to all who call in and participate or to those who simply listen...I appreciate each one of you..... wedding season for my DJ business still continues into this month and even a November wedding on the books.  I've met some really nice people lately who have really appreciated the effort and energy I put into making their special day just that....a very special day. 

I often envy the couples that are at the weddings....sitting, sipping, talking, touching, laughing.  My mind often wanders. Wondering if they are as happy as they look.....or were they fighting about  some meaningless B.S. on the way only to put on their "happy couple smile" as they enter the reception and then to drive home not saying much at all to each other.......I've said before that quite possibly I think too much.

I also wonder if sometimes one can put too much weight into the things we "think" we want.  Just because I want something more that words can say, does that mean it is something I should let rule my thoughts and desires?  I've also said before I belive that positive suggestion and visulization can help manifest the things that are wanted.....where there is a will there is a way.  But with all of that, does just wanting something or someone make that the right thing for the plan that has been created for me? 

I remember in the past really praying that something would happen.....with all of my being I wanted this more than anything, because I thought it was right for me....well it's a lot like the Garth song "Unanswered Prayers"......("Some of God's Greatest Gifts are Unanswered Prayers")..........sometimes I feel like I have no idea what the Hell is the right for me!!!!   Maybe others feel this way too....I'm not sure. the seasons life..the love I save for whoever she may attitude toward what I want and what I really need or deserve to get seems to change along with the weather......So here's to The Plan.....whatever it may bring!!  

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