A Good Feeling..

Oct 21, 2012 -- 12:00am

Another Saturday Wedding and I'm home for the night after a day of heartfelt promises made, exchanging of rings, dinner, drinking and dancing.

I sit alone, The only light coming from two large candles on the mantle, a string of white lights among the plants atop the kitchen cabinet and the light of a 30 gallon fish tank....not bad lighting I might add.....a little Journey on the radio and this kitchen could be the perfect dance floor...well, I suppose that will be saved for and cherished on another night!...

The TBS Ranch really is beautiful and the fact that I grew up just a few houses down and spend many days with my friend Clay riding motorcycles on the property, playing in the barn...when it was really a barn with hay in it, makes it such a special place for me. Just driving down Maynard Road I flashback to so many wonderful memories. I had one of the best childhoods a boy could ask for...something that gave me a good feeling that I remember to this day

Josh and Meghans wedding was really unique and touching. Another thing that gave me a good feeling.... From the very country theme to the people that were there. The groom arrives with his hands bound by a white rope that is being pulled by a beautiful horse with the fitting chorus of Ol Red by Blake Shelton. The words they said to each other were honest and most certainly from the heart. I like that. Real people, with real, genuine love and not afraid to express it.

I could tell this evening was going to be a good one. Because I work so closely and care so much about The St. Jude Children's Research Hospital and The Make a Wish Foundation, hearing that Meghan was a leukemia survivor made me know that she was going to be someone that I would be glad that I had met. I was right...she was an amazingly inspirational woman. Her friends expressed that when speaking of her during the toasts. They also spoke of Josh, who is the kind of guy that when he commits to something or someone, it's a lifelong real commitment. Simply put, a really good guy. Even though I had just met this couple the day of the wedding, I could tell the words spoken about them were the absolute truth. I have been at more weddings that I can count and what they did was a first for me. Instead of a "Money" or "Honeymoon Dance," a lone cowboy boot was placed on the dance floor and the guest were invited to come share a dance with the bride or groom, drop money in the boot, and all of the money will be donated to The Make a Wish Foundation. This is the kind of thing that reassures me that there are really good people in our community. Josh and Meghan are those kind of people and I was proud to be part of their special day.

When asked by a very good friend of mine what I was doing this weekend I joked by replying to her "Oh I'm gonna DJ a wedding and go meet my next ex-girlfriend!!!" Who knew it would be such an amazing, inspiring night. So did I meet her??....ahh who knows?? The one thing I do know, and I've said it before, when I do finally find the right someone that shows me that she wants me and no one else...Someone that can accept who I truly am...the good with the bad....the strengths with the faults....I will do all I can to be the one that she is proud to say she is with...I really look forward to the next chapter of Love because I've turned so many pages from that past that have made me learn what is truly important. I may sit alone tonight...but a good feeling surrounds me.....and as I blow out the candles and call it a night.....I hope that good things...good feelings surround you too....

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