Good times....a good weekend!

Oct 29, 2012 -- 7:32am

I must say I am very thankful for my job at K-Shasta and for the success of my DJ business but I really cherish a weekend off.  This last weekend was exactly that.  A nice start to it with a dinner out with good food and great always the hope that the natural progression of things takes the course to reveal even more.

Saturday was a blast with the band playing in full costume at Hawes Farms....our drummer Randy as a "Blue Man Group" member....lead guitarist Brian as a "Hillbilly Train Conductor"....our beautiful bassist Kim as a smokin' hot "Bad Sandy" from Grease and of course yours truly as Gene Simmons from Kiss!!!  Video cameras rolled for possible use in promotional TV commercials for next year as the band fired up at 8pm.  It was a fun night.  Music, good friends and a few beers always seems to lure me to share some of my inner most thoughts....

Sunday was another day filled with music.  Spent the day at After Hours Recorders getting another step closer to completing my solo album...something I've dreamed of since I was just a kid.  Worked on a song called "See Amanda Smile"  a balled filled with great harmonica playing by Thom Berry along with what turned out to be one of the most beautiful guitar leads from Jason Schroeder.  I can not say enough about how lucky I am to have Jason playing on my album, he is incredible!  Got some other guitar work done and the album is very close to being done......Can't wait!!!

So I hope your weekend was good as we get back to the grind of a Monday morning...I look forward to each day on the air with you here on K-Shasta 104.3.

Until next time.....


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