Doing....and Not Doing...

Nov 02, 2012 -- 2:50pm

Nike says "Just Do It."............and I agree for the most part....if it feels good, feels right, DO it. I've joked before about what is considered "doing something." It's like when I would call up friends and say..."Hey whatcha guys doing?"......they would say...."We're here drinking some beer, come on over!!" if that is actually doing something. If you replace the drink with "water” wouldn't it sound weird...."We're just here drinking some water, come on over!!".....

People often talk about needing to do things and that it's hard to get started or keep doing something and at times it is but I think it's harder to not do something. It goes back to the beer drinking guys who brag.....'Oh dude, we drank so much beer last night!".....well how hard is that???? Pick up a can or bottle and put it to your lips....that's easy...for some it's harder to NOT do that. As with anything that becomes a habit, and addiction, an obsession, doing it is much easier than not doing it.

Even more difficult when feelings become involved with "not doing" something. It's been said that Falling in Love is hard.....having a relationship, a good marriage is hard to do....yeah it really is. But as we all know sometimes Falling for someone just happens and it's hard to UN-do. Another case where doing something is Easy....NOT doing it can be very very difficult....Trust me, I know. I've also said in a previous blog that just because I want something or someone doesn't mean it's the right thing for me. Yeah every once and a while a light bulb....all be it a small one goes off over my head and in someway I get a bit of self clarity. I guess it's like the old... Time heals all thing when a relationship ends people always say "you'll feel better in time"....and at some point, you wake up and you feel good again. You see it all the time in movies and life when some guy falls for the girl he can't have...he'd give anything to have her in his life and by the end of the movie the right person comes along and they all live happily ever after......easy to write into screen play in 90 minutes of a movie....harder to let it play out in life.

The point is...if there is actually a point to this.....if there is something you have been wanting to workout healthier, start a new hobby.....DO IT!!

Doing it is easy all you have to do is get's the NOT doing things that I'm finding a little more difficult. But as always my power of positive thinking kicks in. Knowing that I'm not alone in feeling this way and the right things will come my way.

In the words of Zac Brown Band ......."Keep your heart above your head and your eyes wide open so this world can't find a way to make you cold. No you're not the only ship out on the ocean. Save your strength for things that you can change. Forget the ones you can't....You gotta let it go....

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