Memphis and moving forward

Jan 21, 2013 -- 10:36pm

Finally back from a longer than expected trip to Memphis to visit the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. Fog in Houston and so many delayed flights turned the airport into literal chaos...after 2 days of traveling's good to be here.

The trip to the hospital for seminars for our upcoming K-Shasta Cares St. Jude radiothon was, as always, inspirational, sad and happy. A feeling of Hope does come over you when it's realized the amazing strides against childhood cancer that are being made. It's still tough to look into the eyes of a parent who has a child there fighting for their life. I've said before how much I cherish moments with friends family and my kids...this trip is a reminder of just how lucky we are....if you have healthy children give thanks for them...and yes..please give to those that aren't.

Many stories and moments to share in the days ahead and during our 2 day radiothon that is on the way soon.

I thought so much about my co workers at K-Shasta and Redding Radio, my friends, family and daughters Sydney and little Shayla so much during the trip...I missed home more than ever this time. I travel well alone and can adapt to most all situations but as the thought of falling for someone who has become a wonderful, thoughtful and caring friend fills my mind and heart daily, being away was certainly a much different experience.

So, again, it's good to be home and back on the air on the morning show...something I also cherish every moment of.

So many thanks to give out....Chellie for filling in for me, the station management for supporting St. Jude, our new St. Jude rep. Kailey, Randy Owen from the band Alabama for his friendship to radio and always inspiring words...the parents of the kids of St. Jude for sharing their stories and beautiful children with us and Laura from West Texas for insisting that I not eat alone and sharing stories from Texas to inspire me to write my latest country song "West Texas Pretty".....

More to come.....


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