The Winter Blues

Jan 28, 2013 -- 6:42pm

I've said before that I'm more of a warm weather person...I love the heat...relaxing by the pool, sipping a cool drink.. soaking up the sun. Well, I don't think it's time to start counting the days until the first dip in my's hot tubing season for now. I can handle that! At times the winter can truly give me a bit of the blues...nothing extreme, I'm a generally happy person. This winter has not taken it's toll like the cold of the past. The joy of time spent with my daughters is certainly keeping me busy and just filled with really good feelings.

I think that the cold weather, grey skies and rainy days can make one feel more alone. If pain, loneliness or longing is within's easy to wear it like a heavy coat. The days are shorter, nights are longer and hey....who doesn't like to curl up in a blanket and watch a Hallmark movie with someone they love....(well for some guys that might be torture..but it sounds pretty good to me!) Sure there is always a longing for more if you don't get as much time to spend time with someone you really care about, but what's that saying?..."Absence makes the heart grow fonder...stronger...Something like that.!! But the fact is, this winter, although it's just beginning WILL NOT give me the winter blues! BAM!....the power of positive thinking always prevails!

You know, that's really it. If you want something to happen and you continually will it into your life...."Believe"......I believe it will come to you. It really will. I've mentioned the Vision Board before...putting of the things you and your heart truly desires..putting them right in front of you and in time...when it's right...they WILL come to you. 3 words and a photo are at the center of mine....and slowly....finally....the want, the desire, the longing that I've had is coming my way. If that doesn't help the winter blues...I don't know what will!

This, and so many things are energizing me lately....Picnics and playing with my little Shayla Girl...teaching her how to cook and bake has been beyond fun. She now has baked Pumpkin pie with crust from scratch, Apple Pie and the latest Chocolate Roll up cake with cream cheese cool whip inside, covered with homemade chocolate frosting!! Valentines cookies for the kids in her class will be next! My personal thanks to my friend and bandmate Kim and her Mom for making Shayla her first apron (Princess Cinderella Apron!)

Work is always good. It's so good to be back from vacation and the Trip to Memphis for the St. Jude Hospital Radiothon. I'm so thankful to share my mornings with all that listen and appreciate that YOU take the time to check in with my blog from time to time.

Until next time.....I hope your days are filled with what truly makes you happy

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