Here's to another great Weekend!!!

Feb 22, 2013 -- 8:31am

Yeah, here's to the weekend....looks like it will be pretty nice weather.  I start mine with a broadcast at the All about women health home and hobbies fair at the Fairgrounds.  After, it's wide open which is nice.  I've been doing a lot of cooking..well mostly baking with my little 5 year old Shayla.  I've taught her to make many things from scratch, including pumpkin pie, apple pie, a chocolate cream cheese roll cake...cookies and well not sure what it's going to be this weekend but we will surely get our aprons on and fling some flour, sugar and whatever else around the kitchen!' really is a fun thing to do with her and beyond the great snacks, it's a time to talk, learn and laugh together.  If the weather does hold out we like to picnic too, she just loves it.  Our last was a trip to Whitmore just for a nice drive and something we will most likely head out for something like that.  I realize how precious time is when she is at this magical age...she constantly tells me "I love you Dad"  and what's better than that?

Although it may not turn into a Hallmark Movie moment, some much needed time with a wonderful friend will be a nice addition to the weekend. I can’t wait until she is a more permanent part of my day to day life….it’s been a long wait ….but it’s been said that really good things take time and are worth the wait…… With day to day working, school pick up and drop off, cleaning, cooking, laundry and all that's nice to take a break and forget about all of that and I certainly plan on it! 

So once again, here's to the weekend.....I hope you get the chance to do whatever makes you happy....

Again, thanks for listening to 104.3 and we'll get back together next week for the K-Shasta Morning Show!....I look forward to it!!


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