Holding pattern...

Apr 11, 2013 -- 9:54am

Well it's certainly been quite some time since I've posted a blog....like taking too long to call a good friend...we're always busy.  Things are the standard always busy at the radio station...I love this job because every day is different.  Wedding season is just beginning so I haven't been overly busy on the weekends....I just feel that way I guess.  Lately it just seems like I'm treading water when I need to swimming at a better pace.  I like to be somewhat organized and for some reason that just isn't happening.  Putting things off....letting laundry pile up before folding it....all that stuff....just kind of in a holding pattern in many ways.....waiting to shift  into gear and get the next chapter started. 

Oh well, things always seem to work themselves out and I will find the inspiration to organize the clutter that surrounds me.  We've all been there.  With all of that little stuff a bit out of whack...the important things seem to be slowly,,,finally..falling into place.  Love, life and music are good....really good.  My solo Album is finally done, the mixing stage is complete, video for the song "Madam Time" shot and edited...just a few legal issues and CD cover design to finish and soon 1,000 CDs of truly my lifes work will be on my doorstep.  Planning for the CD release party has begun and for me, the excitement builds..........


So as for this "Holding Pattern"......I'm  ready to move forward and begin the wonderful moments that are soon ahead.   Very ready. 


Here's to the next chapter beginning soon !  (the one I feel I've waited my whole life for) 

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