The Great Outdoors

May 19, 2013 -- 1:02pm

A wonderful weekend with friends. Spent time at the Del Loma RV Park with 2 of my best friends and their kids on a great camping....well...camping in a cabin...trip. Radio listeners from our sister station KRDG won the free camping, outdoor lazer tag experience, ropes course, zip line and a day of white water rafting with Rivers and Redwoods.

We arrived Friday, opened a few beers and of couse built a campfire to BBQ a Tri tip. Kids roasting marshmellos... Nice 1st evening.

Saturday began with getting on the 26 acre of Lazer tag course. Game 1...capture the flag was intense. Game 2 was a "Last Man Standing" free for all....getting dirty, hiding in the brush, sprinting across the field and blasing the others with high tech Lazer guns. An absolue blast!!

Redwoods and Rivers is one of the coolest places I've been in a long time. Right next to Del Loma RV park, fully sustanable living. cool outdoor kitchen, huge garden, sweat lodge. Tree house with rope course and zip lines along with a very challenging climbing element that some are able to conquor...and some make it part way and rely on the guides to lower your tether down to the awaiting ground. I watched a few teenage boys not make it up and although I really thought I could climb it, it made me wonder. In the end my adrenaline and confidence kicked in and I scaled it quite quickly without a problem...what a feeling to make it to the top.

Del Loma RV treated us to breakfast, lunch and an amazing BBQ dinner on Saturday. Along with a good game of horseshoes and a large bon fire...another great day and eveing. The kids played all day and night together and had a great time too!

With only one person that would have made the trip even better, I certainly can't complain. What a great weekend with great friends and great times in the great outdoors!


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