Hawaii bound....

Aug 29, 2012 -- 6:31am

An unexpected trip to Hawaii was just what I needed.  I can't tell you how many times I've taken a vacation and felt like I needed a vacation after the vacation.  Ever done that?.....The drummer of my band Silverbridge suggests we grab some plane tickets and head for the big island.  Took me about 3 seconds to say yes and book the flight.  It really was just what the doctor ordered.  Like so many people, I feel like I'm always running, getting the kids here and there, work, making dinner....the standard day to day grind that can wear one down. 

As we wait to take off from Sacramento....I see him....the quite large man...with 2 rolling sweat beads trailing down each side of his face....a sandwich in his hands and a large diamond shaped fresh sweat stain on his light blue shirt just above his stomach.  As he looks toward my row, I think..."Yep, there’s the person I will spend the next 5 hours and 25 minutes rubbing arms, with the sweet smell of the combination of onions and pastrami, sweat and head & shoulders shampoo!!"  At that moment, he stops a row short and to the right and sits down. 

Just as he sits....... walking toward me...truly like an angel.....there She is.....quite possibly the most beautiful and I will soon find sweet smelling woman on the plane.  "Oh, that's my seat"...she says, pointing to my left at the window seat.  I do many things to keep Karma on my side and this day I am rewarded.  My angel thought was correct....Angelina had never been to Hawaii and doesn't usually do spontaneous things, but this time decided to take a friend up on the offer to come stay at his place. 

A friend she hadn't seen for over 20 years. It's a strange coincidence that my trip was also sparked by someone I have not seen for over 20 years.  I had planned to go to Vegas to visit her and Randy was going to come along when the Hawaii opportunity was before us. So Vegas is off for now and we take off for our beautiful island destination. 

Angelinas company was fun and made the flight go by quick.  We both decide to order some food and can't quite decide between the 2 choices when the flight attendant says..."You 2 could just get one of each and spit them".....I'm quick to say "Oh that's what we usually do....good with you Angelina?"  She laughs and says..."Sounds Great!"   So the fun of the "couple" thought continues through the flight as I hear about her boyfriend who wasn't too keen on the idea of her going to Hawaii to visit this "guy"...her best friend from grade school and high school.  

About an hour before landing Hawaiian Airlines offers up a quite strong complimentary Mai Tai and we both agree that sounds good.  Hers is actually too strong and she asks to add some extra juice to it...and of course I can't pass the opportunity to say to the flight attendant ..."She gets really crazy when she drinks these"........."Well, you're a very lucky man aren't you"....the attendant replies......"Oh, you have no idea"....I say!   As Angelina laughs mostly in embarrassment, I can tell she's having a good time with our little facade.

We land safely and at baggage claim I see her "Friend"....and her pointing me out to him...she was still smiling so I hope I left her with some good memories of the flight over........

More stories of the island coming soon.....



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