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Sep 17, 2012 -- 3:58am

I can't say enough great things about the trip to Hawaii.  Those who have been know what I mean.  Living a week on "Hawaii Time" really is the way to go.  My friend Randy is one of those guys who can talk to anyone, makes friends wherever he goes and loves to have a good time.  The fact that he had been there many times was a plus.  He knew all the great places to eat, drink and relax!........and for the most part....that's exactly what we did. 

I know there was some tension from his girlfriend about the 2 of us guys heading to a land filled with suntanned bikini wearing beautiful women.  I believe the conversation went something like.."Oh, so you're going to Hawaii with Don, I see how all the women look at him when you guys are playing in your band and now you're going off to hang out and party with women in bikiinis??!"  The truth is, I don't think she was that worried about him.  He really is a good guy and it's funny, as much as it seems like 2 single guys would be focus completely on scoring with super hot women that we could love and leave by just jumping on a plane a week really wasn't even part of the equation. 

We both are the type to be up early and most days we were.  Heading to the beach as the sun comes up for the day with a coffee in our hands and what appeared to be our own private beach....everyone sleeps in....a few people would be up walking or running.  A cool sight was a lone woman doing Yoga on the morning beach.  Very peaceful.  After breakfast each day at our favorite buffett on the beach we would lounge in the sun, grab a mango or banana daquari or a beer and just enjoy not having anything particular to do.  We did catch some night life with music at the Hard Rock Cafe and saw a really cool band at another Irish type pub that allowed smoking so it was tough to stay too long inside for me personally but the music was great.

I can not thank Randy enough for throwing out the idea of heading to Hawaii and to his mom for allowing us to use her timeshare. 

So did I leave some things out.......were there surprises?...moments and things I thought wouldn't happen that did?.........a ton of laughs?.....the realization that one must take time for themselves to recharge?..........Yes to all!

Aloha! and Mahalo!...........and yes I'm ready to head back for the the next island adventure!!

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