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Movie News

  • Mother's Day

    Director Garry Marshall is a menace. He keeps killing holidays with all-star comedies in which a laugh would die of loneliness. First, Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve got the Marshall treatment. Now Mother's Day takes the hit from Marhall's marauders, out to trick a bunch of poor, movie-loving moms...

  • The Family Fang

    What if you had parents who referred to you and your sibling as Child A and Child B? And what if said parents forced you to participate in performance art pieces, such as staging a bank robbery complete with guns, fake blood and bystanders who think it’s all for real?...

  • Papa Hemingway in Cuba

    It is, as advertised, the first film shot in Cuba since Castro came to power in 1959. (Our Man in Havana, with Alec Guinness, was the last, though the new U.S. open-door policy will likely bring more cinematic exploration). And Papa: Hemingway in Cuba gives us sights to revel in...



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