Hi there.... I'm Chellie Lynn....


I'm the afternoon voice of K-Shasta 104.3. I've lived in Shasta County since 1997 but my heart is still in my home of Portland, OR. I've always wanted to be in radio (I was that kid hanging out at the station events hoping to get some attention) but never really thought I had the voice for it. That all changed in 1995 when I began singing jingles for radio and television. Shortly after moving to Redding, I approached Don Burton  and told him if he would give me some pointers, I would give him my voice for free. I started voicing radio commercials for Redding Radio in 2004 then got a shot at being an on air personality in 2006. After a 3 year stint at Q97, I came back to Redding Radio and am tickled to be on K-Shasta. I live in Shingletown with my husband Eric, son Tristan, dogs Ellie and Keenan, cats Bear and Baby and a cockatiel named Kramer.

Personal Stuff

Birthday: August 9 - born in Los Angeles

Home: Portland, OR (although I spent 1/2 my childhood in Simi Valley, CA and the other half in New Plymouth, ID. I've also lived in Honolulu, HI and Walla Walla, WA)

Biggest fear: Snakes. No doubt about it, snakes. (Any size, any kind)

Fav Actor: Ryan Gosling

Fav Actress: Meg Ryan

Fav Movie: Love, Actually; The Big Lebowski; and Don Burton and I share a wicked love for the movie Slingblade (you can catch us on any given day quoting scenes from the movie in random conversation!)

Fav TV Shows: I'm a self proclaimed reality tv junkie - American Idol, Intervention, Biggest Loser, America's Got Talent, I Survived

Fav Food: Anything Mexican

Fav Singers: Christopher Cross, Amos Lee, Marc Cohn, Curtis Stigers, AC/DC

Craziest moment ever: Getting to do a demonstration flight with the Blue Angels in Fat Albert, the BA's C130. Did a JATO takeoff, was weightless for about 9 seconds and experienced positive G's. Crazy stuff.

Education: Currently finishing Bachelors in Speech Pathology - will be finished in April 2013




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